Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GrEeN ScReEn....

Using green screens in your video productions can allow you to create realistic effects that would otherwise be impossible. However, in order to maximize the realism of these effects proper green screen lighting is required for a better chroma key. Uneven lighting will make it difficult to key out the green screen in post production, resulting in an effect that falls short of being believable.

The first step to successful chroma key effects is properly lighting the green screen. Start with a green screen that is free of wrinkles or textures that may cause shadows once it is lit. Add at least two lights, one on each side of the green screen. Adjust the lights as needed in order to light the green screen as evenly as possible.

One way you can create an even light is by diffusing it. This will allow for uniform lighting while helping to avoid hot spots. It’s important to keep your green screen free of shadows and hot spots in order for it to reflect a single color back to the camera. Not adhering to proper green screen lighting will cause unnecessary headaches once you get your footage into post-production.

There are other factors to consider when attempting a green screen effect. Lighting your subject in a way that matches the lighting in your backplate, placing your subject at a distance that will keep their shadows from being cast against the background and avoiding certain wardrobe colors will help you acheive a believable and clean green screen effect. Becoming familiar with lighting techniques for green screen effects will allow you to place your subject in any setting with realistic results.

Lighting is just one critical component to achieving a successful green screen or special effect.

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