Saturday, February 21, 2009

Contoh arahan MCP

Contoh arahan MCP untuk sebuah temubual:

  • Ready to come up cam three(CU of Lisa, the interview host).
  • Ready to cue Lisa.
  • Open mic, cue Lisa, up on (or "fade in") cam three (Lisa addresses camera 3 with opening sentence).
  • Ready CG opening titles - take C.G
  • Cue announcer. Change page. Change page. Ready cam three(which is still on Lisa)
  • Open mic, cue Lisa - take three(introduces guests).
  • Cam one, two- shot of singers. Cam two cover (wide shot of all three).
  • Ready cam one - take one.
  • Ready cam two, open mics (gueste in the interview area) - take two.
  • Ready cam three - take three (Lisa is asking her first question).
  • Cam one on Dave (CU of one of the singers). Ready cam one - take one.
  • Two on Marisa (the ather singer). Ready cam two - take two.

Untuk 'closing of the program'
  • Thirty seconds. Give her/ him a wrap-up.
  • Fifteen seconds. C.G raedy for closing credits.
  • Cam two zoom out a little (which is on a wide shot of the interview area).
  • Ready cam two, ready C.G to roll. Cut Lisa. Take cam two. Cut mics. Cue announcer. Cam two keep zooming out. Hold it. Roll credits.
  • Ready to key C.G (over cam two), key C.G. Key out.
  • Ready black - fade to black. Hold.
  • Stop vtr. O.K, all clear. Good job everyone.

catatan dari buku The Director in production.

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